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The International Right of Way Association was organized in 1934 to unite individuals involved in the acquisition and/or appraisal of real estate for public or quasi-public agencies. Since its inception, the Association has been dedicated to providing quality educational programs and services to its members and the public.

Over the years the membership has grown to include those involved in the fields of negotiations, survey, law, engineering, relocation assistance, and property management. The IRWA has developed educational courses in each of these disciplines to enhance the effectiveness and competence of membership.

Explanation of Directory Symbols:


Senior Member, International Right of Way Association is the designation awarded to members who have proven their ability in the several right of way disciplines

R/W-AC Appraisal
R/W-AMC Asset (Property) Management
R/W-EC Environmental
R/W-NAC Negotiation/Acquisition
R/W-RAC Relocation Assistance Certified


Refer to the following link for further information on the above disciplines.